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14 Ways to Help Choose the Correct Real Estate Agent for Your Property Sale or Search

You have reached the point in your life you want to buy or sell a property. This is a thrilling time but at the same time, a terrifying one. Choosing the correct real estate agent is essential, but finding one may be more challenging than you might first expect. Thankfully, we have tips from specialists to help you choose the correct real estate agent for selling your property or buying one.


  1. Don’t Choose Based Solely on Experience

While you are going to want to put someone in charge of your property search or sale in the hands of someone with experience, experience is not everything. It is imperative to choose a real estate agent who will work with you, and in your best interests. What we mean by this is you have to bear in mind that the agent and you are going to become “best buddies”, spending a great deal of time together. Choose someone you get on with and like, who you can relate to and who you feel can negotiate and is good at talking.


  1. Check Out Your Chosen Real Estate Agent

Do not be afraid of doing homework on the real estate agent you are considering. The internet is home to a lot of resources and this means you can use such as Google and Yelp to your advantage. Find the website of the real estate agent and check the agent and the company they work for out.


  1. Compassion and Understanding Can Be Key 

Home buying or selling is exciting but at the same time, it is stressful in any circumstances, more so if you are selling and are faced with dealing with certain pressures in life. Perhaps you are selling a property after the loss of a loved one, a divorce or you are purchasing a home as you need more space because a baby is due. Whatever the reason for buying or selling choose a real estate agent who shows compassion and understands your needs for selling or buying.


  1. Listen to What Your Gut Tells You

Everyone has gut feelings and acting upon these is essential. If something feels right, it probably is, if it feels wrong then again, it more than likely will be. This applies to choosing an agent. If you have found an agent and undertaken a background check, they pan out, and they are compassionate and understanding, listen to what your gut tells you and go with them or carry on looking.


  1. Ask Other Homeowners About Their Experience

Word of mouth and reviews can help when choosing your real estate agent. Referrals can go a long way, so when checking the website of the estate agent looks for a referral page. You might also ask friends or relatives about who they chose if you are looking to buy or sell in the same area.


  1. Check Out the Work of the Estate Agent

Check the work out of the estate agent that you are considering going with. Things to take into account include:

  • How they market other properties;
  • What are their listing options – brochures, websites, signs etc.;
  • What is their personal appearance like;
  • What about their success rate; and
  • Are they passionate about what they do?


  1. What Support Do They Offer?

Again, this means doing a little research but it can pay off. Check out what support the estate agent offers. While there is not typically anything wrong with a small start-up agent, providing they offer what you need, if they have the support they will offer a good level of customer service. This might only be found with a larger more established real estate company. This is important if they are working with several clients at the same time and busy. Having good support staff will ensure the estate agent has backing, which is good news for you.


  1. Avoid Flattery and Fluff

Flattery is fine in certain aspects of life but not when it comes to selling or buying a home and it is the estate agent flattering you. A good agent should be honest in regards to risks associated with selling or buying. A good agent needs to be realistic and honest along with mitigating risks. Some agents may tell you what they think you want to hear instead of telling you what you need to hear. Avoid them.


  1. Take Core Values Into Account

Look for an estate agent with the same core values as you. No doubt, you are an honest, hardworking and reliable individual and you need an agent to put the sale or your home in or purchase of a home that has the same core values as you.


  1. Check Their Track Record

A track record can give away a lot about someone. A good real estate broker is not going to appear by magic overnight, they will have a track record that has taken time to build up.


  1. Is The Agent Marketing Properties or Themselves?

In relation to marketing techniques, you might want to ask yourself if the agent is more interested in marketing your property/finding you the perfect property, or are they are more interested in themselves or their company. A good agent should put your needs first.


  1. Does the Estate Agent Have Your Interests At Heart

When interviewing agents do not be frightened to ask questions and make sure the agent knows what you want. If you are not happy with the answers or something does not gel, they skip that agent and continue looking. A good agent will look for the property you have set your heart on, not one that will benefit them and which they may try to push onto you.


  1. No Pressure

Always remember there should never be any pressure. If at any time you feel uncomfortable or pressured, you have not found the right estate agent.


  1. Does the Agent Listen to You?

Any agent you are considering must be able to listen to you and understand what you require. On saying this, a good estate agent should also ask you questions, to ensure they know exactly what you want out of the sale or purchase. If they cannot listen or they are not interested enough to ask questions, they are probably not right for you.

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