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2018 Digital Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

Cheers to the new year! For real estate agents, it’s time to prepare for 2018.

A key factor in planning for the year of 2018 is how to properly disperse your money as far as marketing. Real estate agents have to reinvest back into marketing in order to grow their business. Agents all have a different strategy plan, some invest more than others.

Here are some digital marketing tips to help make 2018 a successful year for you:

Maintain old relationships, you’re always in business!

According to inman.com, over 64 percent of business comes from people you already know. Remind clients that you’ve dealt with in the past that you’re always in business! The goal is to maintain old client relationships so that they can refer their friends or colleagues to you. There are new tools like Ads for your Sphere from Adwerx that makes it easy for you to stay in touch with your clients for businesses. All they need is your clients email address, and they will target ads whenever they’re online.

Maximize your listings

Creating exposure is important when it comes to selling a home. Continue to have your listings that you currently have on the market. In order to maximize your listings use targeted web advertising, their simple and easy to use. Web advertising is helps you bring exposure without any problems. They target local buyers on internets most visited news and entertainment sites, also platforms like Facebook.

Use Mobile Marketing

It’s 2018 guys, mobile marketing is huge now, so whether you like it or not, let’s embrace it! 72 percent of homebuyers use a mobile device to look for homes according to NAR’s 2016. It’s important to create exposure for yourself in at least seven out of ten markets where homebuyers are looking at.

The real estate industry is leaning more towards apps and tools to improve and make the home buying process as easy as possible!

It’s time to think about clients and how their utilizing and spending their time. With digital marketing growing, you’re able to customize ads, messages, target audience instantly, it’s totally up to you!

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