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3 Methods of Crafting an Offer Letter to a Client

Detailing different methods of writing an offer letter to cater to home sellers in DC.

There’s a heavy emotional aspect of selling a home that isn’t often accounted for. With most of the focus of sellers being on numbers and paperwork, one shouldn’t ignore a home’s sentimental value. In constructing an offer letter, buyers can leverage that connection to appeal to the sellers on a level not discussed when negotiating price.

Below we’ll layout three ways in which you as a buyer can cater your offer letter to connect to the sellers on a deeper level.

  1. Use Information to Your Advantage – The phrase “knowledge is power” applies well here. For example, if you find out that the sellers raised their three children in the home you are trying to purchase, then there’s a pretty good chance that they’ll be picky in who they give the keys. Knowing this, concentrate your offer letter on values that reflect your own love of family and relationships. It will help bridge the gap and give you the edge in winning your dream home.
  2. Be Honest About Your Offer – Whether your offer is above asking or below, you need to explain why you’ve put that value on the seller’s home. The best mode of action in this situation is to be completely transparent, particularly if you are offering a bid below asking. Tell the sellers precisely what caught your eye about their home, why your offer is what it is, and clearly state your intentions should the deal get done. If sellers are deeply attached to their home, they will appreciate your honesty.
  3. Be Relatable – No matter which approach you take in drafting your offer letter, it’s best to be relatable. Find something you and the sellers have in common and stress that angle. Sellers are human. Even though they are giving up their home, they want to know that they are leaving it in good hands. Commenting on shared interest is one way to ease any apprehension for the sellers and get them to a place where they feel comfortable accepting your offer.

In buying a home, you’d think that dealing with numbers and contracts was enough to keep your mind swirling in all directions. In reality, the emotional aspect of home buying is usually the most difficult to manage for both buyers and sellers alike.

This is just another reason it’s so important to work with experienced real estate agents in DC. We make sure that buyers are privy to all the information that can impact their decisions on purchasing a home. It all starts with being prepared. Get in touch with me today to discuss your next steps in owning a home.    

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