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3 Things to do Before Making a Home Offer

Discussing the importance of testing variables in a home before putting down an offer.

Buying a home isn’t something you can just take back. It’s one of the most important decisions you’ll make throughout your lifetime because it has such an overwhelming impact on your entire life and the life of those close to you.

With that said, as a seller, you have to know exactly what you are getting before you put down a home offer. Often, it’s not possible to be privy to the level of details needed to make an informed decision simply by doing a walk-through of the home. It takes more, and knowing how to get to the bottom of everything you want out of a home takes a bit more inspection.

We detail three ways in which you can better inform yourself as a buyer before jumping to any hasty decisions.

Explore the Neighborhood

DC is known to have some well-to-do neighborhoods, but that shouldn’t prevent you from getting a better feel of the street or entire block you may soon be occupying. Visit the area a few times. Test how long it will take you to commute to work. Shake hands with neighbors and ask them questions about the area. The more info you can gather about the neighborhood, the more comfortable you’ll feel in making a home offer.

Plumbing Is Crucial

It’s so easy to walk into a home and get caught up by a waterfall shower head or a retro looking tub. While those details certainly add value to the aesthetic of the home, if the plumbing behind it isn’t up to standard, then it’s an issue. Don’t be shy to turn on the taps during an open house. Test out the water pressure and ask the current owner questions about whether or not they’ve had any recent or past problems with the plumbing, like the title says plumbing is crucial when deciding to buy a home and making a home offer. 

Do a Noise Check

Especially if you are thinking of purchasing a condo, it’s a good idea to do a full noise check. Open windows and listen for trains and other street noise, visit the condo on the weekends and listen to how loud neighbors get, and if possible, try getting above or below your condo to determine how noise travels from unit to unit. You don’t want to be surprised after you move in.

Bonus** Check If Floors Are Level

This is actually one of the most important tests you can run in determining the structure of your potential new home. Bring a marble with you on the day of the open house. Place the marble on the floor and see if it starts rolling. If the marble slopes, that may indicate some kind of structural issue that needs addressing.   
The thing is, many of these steps can be alleviated if you have a real estate agent you can trust. A good real estate agent in DC may be your most effective weapon in helping to ensure you are making an informed purchasing decision.

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