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Developers and Builders: Don’t Overlook Sustainability and Technology in Your New Construction

Are you a developer trying to keep up in this competitive marketplace? In 2018, with the next decade just around the corner, more builders and buyers are trending toward technology and sustainability solutions in building construction. Not only do these updates make your home builds more efficient, they also decrease your bills and make your structures more marketable to the discerning buyer.


Why Should Builders Focus on Sustainability?

The new home market is highly competitive. Because of this, builders need to commit to long-term changes that draw in the most-savvy of customers. Sustainable design, construction methods, and integrated smart home technologies help your home’s stand out among pages and pages of listings. Some of the benefits of focusing on these solutions in your projects include:

  • Added marketability compared to the competition
  • Greater energy efficiency for a smaller carbon footprint
  • A higher level of perceived quality among homebuyers
  • Improved occupant comfort
  • Higher resale value of the home


The Three Aspects of High Performance Homes

As a builder, you likely know your customer base and what they are looking for in their construction projects. Yet, as technology changes it is your responsibility to keep up with buyer’s needs. There are three essential aspects to high performance homes in the minds of both developers and buyers:

  • Energy Efficiency: Money savings throughout the long-term of the home can include everything from window type, appliance selections, and air conditioning units.
  • Sustainability: Make these choices on behalf of health and earth consciousness. Home buyers want to know their air quality is high, their home is safe, and they are (at least) not harming the environment.
  • Smart Home Technologies: Integrating these technology solutions provide a home buyer with health, safety, and convenience.

Put all together, the three factors of energy efficiency, sustainability, and smart home technologies create a money-saving, healthy, safe, convenient, and earth-conscious structure.


Focus on the Details: Smart Home Technology

There are a few steps home builders should take if they want to keep up with the demands of integrated smart home technologies. Because there is a difference in what is “on trend” and what is functional, you have an obligation to provide excellent work.

What Does Your Team Need for More Efficient Structures?

You’ll need an LEED accredited professional, a smart home technology consultant, and a designer for incorporating it all. The right team keeps your home future-proof. These team members do everything from thinking about strong, non-toxic building materials all the way to remote control technology.

Prepare your building team by getting a LEED Accredited Professional on the development side of things. A LEED professional understands how to meet standards in every step of construction. Smart home consultants stay on the forefront of technology but don’t get too caught up in trends. They serve as a liaison between a buyer’s preferences and a builder’s restrictions.

Buyers Are More Discerning Than Ever

As potential homebuyers are exposed to tech upgrades in public structures, they encounter options for their own homes. Buyers are more tech-savvy than ever and often know exactly what they want in their home’s energy-efficiency as well as functionality. As developers, it is your goal to give your homeowner more than a house, but a home. Your construction now should anticipate what a buyer will both want and need for a lifetime in the structure.

Now more than ever, it is the obligation of a builder to make a home smart and sustainable. This is more than just function, it is to better the environment for years to come.



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