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Home Repairs That You Aren’t Responsible For As A Landlord

Home Repairs That You Aren’t Responsible For As A Landlord

Is your tenant constantly nagging you or calling you about repairs or issues at your rental property? Although you are expected to handle most issues, there are problems that you are home repairs that you aren’t responsible for.

It’s always best to have things in writing like a lease agreement that they’ve signed which states how to go about home repairs and what you’re responsible for. In most cases, renters are responsible for taking care of any damage that they’ve caused. 

Home Repairs That Renters Are Accountable For

  1. Carpet Stains

As a landlord, you’re expected to replace or properly clean the floor every couple years because of everyday use. But if your tenant constantly spills drinks on the floor or wear there dirty shoes or cleats on the carpet then it’s the tenants responsibility to take care of those repairs.

  1. Damaged Walls or Ceilings

As a landlord you have to know what is and what’s not reasonable. If your tenant has lived there for several years, then it’s reasonable to repair or paint the walls and ceilings. As a landlord you’re not responsible to repair holes or repaint walls because their kids were playing arts and crafts on them.

  1. Clogged Drains

A lot of clogs can be easily fixed by the tenant themselves especially if they’ve used too much toilet paper or the tub is clogged due to all the build-up of hair. Although, some clogs might need professional help before doing so ask your tenant to try a plunger and a liquid drain cleaner first, if that doesn’t work then you’re probably responsible to repair those issues! 

  1. Water Damage

As a landlord you’re responsible for major damages like a flood or an issue with the pipes. But be sure to ask as many questions (in a non-interrogating way) as you can to narrow down the issue. Because if they’ve left the bathtub or sink running or used the wrong soap in the dishwasher then it’s on the tenant’s end to repair those issues.

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