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Top Neighborhood Features to Increase Value of Your Home

Top Neighborhood Features to Increase Value of Your Home

Listing the neighborhood amenities that add to a neighborhood’s home value in DC.

We’ve touched on many fixes you can make to your home that will increase its value. Everything from upgrading the kitchen or bathroom, to finishing the basement, are all measures homeowners can take to increase home value and boost the investment in their property.

But there are some factors outside of your control that contribute largely to your home’s value. Most notably of these are the neighborhood amenities. These are all of the surrounding indulgences that add to the allure of your property. In many instances, it is these amenities that are the initial attraction for buyers, and the actual home is bought to be in close proximity.

Below, we discuss the top 3 neighborhood features that can bolster the attractiveness of your property.

Nature – Mature Trees and Hiking Trails

It may sound a bit inconsequential, but mature trees are a major source of aesthetics and character for a neighborhood. Homeowners typically prefer to be around a more natural environment, and mature trees can actually increase single property value by about 3%. Hiking trails fall under the same category. It may not add as much direct value as mature trees, but it’s a bonus that homeowners and their families get to enjoy.


Historic Architecture

There are very few amenities that project character like historic architecture. Even if it’s just the facade of a home, living in a neighborhood that has preserved the historic aesthetic of its homes means your home value automatically gets lifted. If you can’t get into a home with a long history of architecture, then consider a new construction lot in a historic neighborhood.


Walk Score

One of the determining factors that helps to sell property is a neighborhood’s walkability. All else being equal, we’ve seen many instances in which buyers make their final decision based on a home’s proximity to grocery stores, restaurants, and trendy boutique businesses. If a homeowner can get everything they want simply by walking short distances, it’s a considerable benefit that is hard to ignore.

Woodley Park is actually a great example of a neighborhood that captures all of these amenities. From scenic nature trails to its proximity to shops and restaurants, Woodley Park has it all. Most importantly, it is a renowned community neighborhood where residents are encouraged to engage in several initiatives, including NextDoor Community.

With so many different aspects to consider, it becomes even more important to contact a real estate agent early on in your home buying process. We will sort out the best homes in the most ideal locations that works with your needs and budget. That’s our promise.




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