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Next Month: Part of Beach Drive Will Reopen!

Next Month: Part of Beach Drive Will Reopen!

Beach Drive has been closed since September 2016, and it’s about to reopen next month with a new road and trail! Sounds exciting right?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but after the section between Rock Creek, Potomac Parkway NW, and Tilden Street opens back up work will move to next two miles of Beach Drive, which unfortunately will be another year of closures.

But look on the bright side, it’s been long anticipated for the reopening of Beach Drive near the D.C. National Zoo will somewhat alleviate some people’s stress. Before the closure, 260,000 vehicles were traveling through the section every day. Now they have to be detoured to other congested roads like Connecticut Avenue and 16th Street. Also, according to the National Park Service they’re running right on schedule! Which is due to be done fall of 2019 (three-year project). Once everything is done, drivers will have a new road to drive on, while pedestrians and cyclists will have a trail to walk/cycle on!

What’s new about the roads and what people won’t see is the work that was made underground which will help road surface last longer than usual roads. Along with a new road surface being built crew members also installed a new drainage system that will help with reducing erosion and keeping the roads as dry as possible!

For all bicyclists and joggers, remember part of the trails being six feet? Well now it’s eight feet, and the narrow sidewalks inside the tunnels by the National Zoo has widened from two feet to five feet there will also be a guardrail added for safety purposes.

Next month while Beach Drive reopens, but the show must go on, workers will close the next two segments of the project. The next part of the reconstruction will be part of Tilden Street and Broad Branch Road which is expecting to last three months.

The final part of the reconstruction will be between Joyce Road and the Maryland border.

After many years of complaints, deterioration, potholes, and uneven trails it all paid off! It’s been 25 years since the reconstruction of Beach Drive ($32.9 million project).



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