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Real Estate Agents: What You Should Do Before 2018

Real Estate Agents: What you should do before 2018

Revising your business plan for 2018 last minute? You’re not alone… Many real estate agents procrastinate on this all the time which leaves them annoyed and frustrated. Instead of creating unrealistic goals, here are some things you should do before 2018:


  1. Figure out where you’re spending your money. If you notice some unwanted recurring charges you’ve been paying, then its time to eliminate them.
  2. Make sure you delete all unwanted documents or data on your tech devices like your computer, tablets, and phones. If necessary make sure their updated, virus free, and backed-up internally or externally.
  3. Find a book or two that you like that will give you a peace of mind.
  4. Slowly delete spam or unwanted emails in your inbox.
  5. Choose a charity or non-profit that you will support in 2018!
  6. Health comes first, make time to be physically active.
  7. Find a hobby you enjoy that will help you meditate.
  8. Google yourself, make the necessary adjustments on your social media pages or business pages.
  9. Update your headshot
  10. Update your portfolio and professional bio.
  11. Continue to be yourself, being genuine and authentic will never hurt your brand!



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