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February Spotlight:

Sherry's Wine

Tell us a little bit about how long you’ve been in business and how you got started.

Sherry’s has been a brand since the 70’s (possibly longer but we aren’t sure) and was originally located where the Chipotle at Calvert Street and Connecticut Ave is located.

Why did you decide to locate in Woodley Park? What appeals to you about this neighborhood?
The location pre-existed us but we’ve stayed here because of the loyal, educated client base is the best anyone could ask for. It’s incredibly neighborhood driven and family oriented. We watch children grow in a way you don’t expect by being a wine and spirits store. But we try to be more than just that.
What makes your business noteworthy?
We have the largest retail whiskey collection in the city and one of the largest in the US. Our other categories are also along the same line but we’re nationally known for the whiskey selection, ranging in the order of about 700-800 brands.
Do you offer any specials or benefits for neighborhood residents?
We regularly donate to all local schools, private and public, and host tastings for their fundraising drives on a regular basis. Aidan Montessori, for example, is a recipient of our outreach three major fundraising years in a row! Our delivery service is regularly used by residents and often a life-saving grace for last minute events. We’ve put everything together from bachelorette parties to wake services.
Please provide your contact information and hours of operation

M-W 10-10
T-Sat 10-11
Sun 10-10


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