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How Suburban “Micro-Ecosystems” Will Attract More Families to the DC Area

 How Suburban “Micro-Ecosystems” Will Attract More Families to the DC Area

One troubling feature for anyone that has lived in the DC region for any length of time, or even spent time here on an extended vacation, is traffic. Getting from point A to point B is rarely a straightforward task, and for those that want to call the DC area home, it is often a deal breaker.

Luckily, some astute real estate developers have come up with an idea to create “micro-ecosystems” in certain areas to ease the burden and make life more manageable for DC residents.

The Work/Life Balance Disrupted

The way the current infrastructure is set up, the roads and metro system have become seriously bogged down. This creates long commutes that are affecting the lives of people living in new homes and developments and need to get to work each day.

For commuters, the extra hours driving or taking the metro mean time away from their families, and a lower quality of life overall. There are also increased travel expenses and environmental aspects that need to be taken into consideration. An unexpected increase in urbanization may mean a boost to the Washington, DC economy, but without a long-term solution, it will be short-lived.

Creating Pockets of Urban Space

By inserting self-contained urban “micro-ecosystems” into the DC real estate scene, residents can live, work and play in the same area. These new urban areas in former rural and suburban spaces will reduce the need to get in your car, and will help restore the work/life balance that so many people want.

This solution helps solve traffic and infrastructure problems, placing amenities in closer proximity to home. The result is less time in the car, and less traffic and congestion when you do need to drive. With commute times growing year after year, this idea really does represent the best of both worlds for families interested in moving to the DC area.

The Future of DC Real Estate?

Only time will tell if this “reverse engineered” version of real estate development will be successful, but it does offer hope in an area where traffic has become a big part of the discussion far too often. With so many wonderful amenities, a rich history, and mountains of opportunity, it’s no wonder so many people flock to DC every year.

An innovative plan like “micro-ecosystems” may be just what’s needed to create long-term balance, and keep the Washington DC economy booming for years to come.

If you’d like more information about the DC real estate market, or want to learn about exciting areas of DC like the Woodley Park Community, give us a call today.

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