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Tips on How to Cut Cooling Costs

Easy tips and tricks on how to cut down cooling costs efficiently.

Cooling costs plays a major role in your monthly spending. Did you know that each degree you raise on the thermostat it saves 7-10 percent on your cooling costs? Below are tips on how to cut cooling costs throughout  the year or summer.

How to stay cool efficiently:

1.Use a fan

Whether if its a portable fan or a ceiling fan, they’re useful to keep in your home especially during the summer. Using a fan can help you stay cool throughout the year while conserving energy and saving money. Have your fan set to rotate throughout the room, this can make the room feel cooler by up to 5-10 degrees!

2.Avoid cooking or doing laundry on warm days

Doing the laundry, or cooking using the oven or stove are considered heat generating appliances. This can warm your home up which is best to avoid using them on very warm days.

3.Open the windows at night

Usually, at night time temperatures drop. Therefore, it’s good to open the windows during the evenings to let fresh cool air into your home. Instead of running the A/C or using a fan, this can definitely help cut cooling costs.

5.Don’t use the A/C as much

Limit your use of the A/C, only run the A/C when you’re home and on days that are just too hot. It’s best to keep your A/C at around 72-75 degrees and on auto when you’re home. It’s not necessary to have your A/C running at 65 degrees, entirely too low!

6.Use a smart thermostat

Smart thermostats are very useful, a lot of homes already have programmable thermostats, but if not, invest in one! They let users change the temperature remotely regardless if you’re home or not! According to, it’s been said that little things like this can save you about 5-15 percent on annual heating and cooling bills.

7.Get inspected

Power companies do offer to come to your home and do an energy inspection (usually free of charge). This inspection can help determine where your money goes to and ways to reduce your use of energy in order to save money.



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