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On Vacation? Here are Some Tips to Protect Your Home

Protect your home with these simple tips!

Protect your home with these simple tips!

Vacation or weekend getaways should be about relaxation and help relieve some of that stress you got. You shouldn’t have to worry or constantly think about if your home or belongings are safe while you’re gone, this is why keeping your home safe is essential. Burglary rates are usually the highest during the summer time, so follow these simple tips to protect your home!

1. Have a security sign outside of your home

It’s the little things that matter too! Whether you have an alarm system or not. Its good to have a sign in front of your home saying that you do have an alarm or security system in the house. A lot of times homes don’t even have a security system but having a sign that states they do can discourage a burglar from breaking in, which can save money from buying a full alarm system but still protect your home.

2. Make it look like you’re actually home

The first thing burglars check is to make sure that you’re not home. They look at clues like an uncut lawn, lights not being on, or even when there is snow piled up on your driveway or walkway. Be sure your home is taken care of before you leave for your big trip.

3. Keep valuables out of sight

That brand new TV, sleek black game console, or your favorite watch, just about anything valuable to you be sure to keep it out of sight to where outsiders can see it. Do a walk through each room and also step outside and look into your home to see if you can notice any valuable things just by looking through a window.

4. Don’t announce to the whole world you’re leaving town

We know, it’s not to update a status on Facebook or post a picture on Instagram letting your friends and followers know where you’re headed. But, its not the brightest idea to share your travel plans for the world to see. Just because your profile is private doesn’t mean other can’t see the pictures you post and  the statuses you make! And if you do decide to update your social media just be mindful of what you tell the world!

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