Woodley Park Ace Store

May Spotlight:

Woodley Park Ace

Tell us a little bit about how long you’ve been in business and how you got started.

Woodley park opened back in November of 2012. This neighborhood did not have a local hardware store that was walking distance. The guests that shop here used to travel to our Glover park location and our Tenleytown location. Of course It was a no brainer to open a store in a neighborhood that needed one. This area is also easily accessible because we are right by the Woodley Park Zoo metro stop on the red line.

What makes your business noteworthy?

Woodley Park Ace is noteworthy because we fit a large amount of products in a small amount of space. People can work over to our store for materials for their household task instead of getting in their car to travel to the other side of town to our competitors. If we don’t have the product in stock, we are always willing to try to find a way to get it for you.We also offer tool rentals and Helium balloons as well as services here.

Do you offer any specials or benefits for neighborhood residents?

We do offer an ACE reward Card that customers can sign up for. This is a free loyalty card that allows our guests to receive discounts on different items every month. We also send out a monthly news letter that informs customers about different events information about our company. Please visit www.acehardwaredc.com for more details

Anything else you’d like to tell us?
Monday-Friday 8am-8pm Saturday 8-8 Sunday 10-6pm
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Celina Gaston

Woodley Park Ace Hardware

2616 Connecticut Ave NW

Washington D.C. 20008

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