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How to: Stage Your Home to Make Buyers Fall in Love With It

Getting your property sold is no easy task, and when it comes to selling your own house, it can get daunting to present a home to the modern-day buyers who want something right out of a plush home magazine!

One of the best ways with which you can achieve a chic look for your humble abode and turn it into a dream house for prospective clients is by staging your home to sell. Taking the time to stage your home can be an effective way to make it stand out against other listings in your area.

Home staging is nothing but an act of cleaning, rearranging and remodeling parts of a property to make it more appealing to home buyers. This could mean simply decluttering your house to make it look less crowded or bringing in rented furniture that complements your home design in the best possible manner.


How Much Does Staging A Home Cost?

1. Hiring The Professionals (House Stagers):

You can hire a professional home stager who can put his best foot forward, since they understand what home buyers are aspiring for, and suggest tasks that can be taken up first to fetch the maximum sale price for your house, like repainting the rooms or installing new cabinet doors in the kitchen.

The fees for a home stager can vary on aspects like location, demand and the amount of assistance you need. Home service information site and marketplace HomeAdvisor notes that it can cost an average of $822 to an amount as high as $2500 to hire a home stager. They may charge a flat-rate consultation to suggest changes.

Overall, it will cost more to hire professional team of home stagers, than simply going in for a one on one advice session.

2. Storing All The Excesses:

Decluttering your house encompasses much more than removing miscellaneous papers on the kitchen table or stacking away extra toys in the kid’s room. It also means reducing the number of books on a shelf or taking extra clothes out of your closet.

However, there may not be enough space to even store the extra belongings. For this, you can consider renting a nearby ‘storage unit’ to put furniture and excess things there.

A storage unit can get pricey till the time your house goes for sale, but you may not have many options either. Stuffing the garage or backyard with this clutter is not such a great idea, if you are planning to give a home tour to prospective buyers, who will be repelled at such a view.

3. Rent New Furniture:

If you are opting for a professional stager, chances are that he may have the perfect furniture for you to rent out, till your house goes on sale. A local furniture rental shop can also be considered. Since the home stagers know the furnishings that will appeal to buyer, its best to go with the professional’s stock of furniture. Doing this will help you be in the correct mindset to move easily to your new home, once this home is sold out.

If renting out furniture seems heavy on your pocket, consider using the rented furniture for a day to click gorgeous marketing photos of your home, post which you can move your old furniture back into the space.

Since the first search for any potential buyer today is online, having nice photographs for your home is a must.

Choose The Rooms You Need Staged:

Gathering the excess stuff together and putting them away in one part of the house, won’t help – yes, not even in the guest room! It will not go unnoticed by buyers touring the property and may even turn them off.

Anybody entering your home will obviously do so from the front door and not from the garage door, no matter how beautiful your plush garden in the back seems appealing!

As they say, first impressions tell a lot about someone. Your house’s entrance is no exception and a shabby entryway is not such a great idea. To that effect, any first room the buyers enter into has to look spic and span.

Let’s break down each room of the house to be staged below:

  • Kitchen: The kitchen is a fun, interactive place where you not just cook, but socialize with your family members or guests. Keep the clutter of too many mixers, coffee makers, cook-books away, and stay organized. At the same time, the kitchen should look inviting, welcoming enough to binge on some snacks!
  • Bathrooms: Bathrooms are very important. Keep the toothbrushes or soaps out of sight, as they are personal things and should be kept away. Match door-mats and towels with the color scheme of the bathroom.
  • Living rooms: Common areas like these are where people spend their maximum time. Keep all the furniture appropriately, so that everything looks put together properly.
  • Master bedroom: Keep the bedding neat and clean, throw in a comforter and extra pillows to make it look plush and inviting. The laundry should be in its place. Closets should not look as if the clothes are dying to just pour out! Basically, get rid of things and clothes that you no longer need.

A Few Handy Tips:

1. Stay Generic:

Stay as generic as you can, while you are in the process of staging a house. Try to keep your personal styles and preferences out of the picture, as everybody will have a separate taste and imposing your own styles on others will not come across nicely. Instead, go for a simple and classic style. Think of a neutral palette and a standalone love seat or a huge chair.

2. Less is More:

Your house may be the cleanest, but still feel cluttered. According to the National Association of Realtors home staging report, the number one home recommendation agents have for sellers is to declutter.

Extra magazines on the coffee table, extra clothes in the closet, extra water bottles, throw them all out or sell them or store at a place where they cannot be seen.

3. Keep The Pathways Clear:

When you are staging a home to sell, your goal is to make the place look spacious and flowing from one room to another, without any disturbances. It is your duty to ensure that the buyer touring your home, does not an unpleasant experience by tripping over the side tables or rugs.

Your TV may not be right in front of the couch for easy viewing, but if the couch comes between two doorways and makes crossing difficult, do not hesitate to move the furniture around. Remember, the house should look clear and appealing to your buyers.

4. Remove All Personal items:

Remove all family photos, religious symbols and other personal items. Keep everything that hints to your race, religion or nationality private as some buyers may not be able to keep their biases in check.

5. Keep It Basic:

Your house should look move-in ready to the buyer and painting your walls a neutral colour will help a great deal in achieving that. Let them envision their own space according to their tastes.

Staging your home doesn’t stop at moving furniture and decluttering the house. It is an ongoing process to keep the house organized and clean at all times, till your house is sold off!

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