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When To Know It’s Time To Update Your Bathroom

When To Know It’s Time To Update Your Bathroom

A bathroom is usually a person’s place of sanctuary. A place of comfort to get relaxed and prep for the day ahead of you. The bathroom is a place that you’ll spend time at everyday, so if the design/layout, lighting, or plumbing isn’t cutting it, then it might be time to make some changes.                                                                                               

Here are some signs that you need to update your bathroom: 

1. Leaks

When you see brown water stains above or below the ceiling of the bathroom then its time to make the proper repairs and changes.

2. Bad Lighting

If the lights are too bright that its unbearable to see in the morning or when you turn them on in the dark, or if its so dim you can barely see yourself in the mirror then its time to get better light fixtures and better light bulbs.

3. The Bathroom isn’t Appealing in Pictures:

There’s a tip saying that sometimes looking at something in a picture is better than your own eyes. Try to take a photo of your bathroom to see whether or not its photogenic or appealing. This can give you a better idea of what might be wrong.

4. Bad Odor:

If you smell a weird or funky odor in the bathroom this can be a sign that its time for a renovation. The smell could be a number of things like mold, in-need of better ventilation system, or a bad toilet wax seal.

5. Low on Storage:

If your bathroom looks cluttered and realize you don’t have enough room to store everything then its time to have a larger vanity or add extra shelves on the wall or toilet.



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