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Real Estate Tech: What To Expect In 2018

The real estate tech world is morphed by a change in market conditions as well as consumer behaviors. Companies study growing trends within the real estate tech world to better understand it’s impact on the industry. The goal is to help prepare real estate professionals and organizations for the future.

In the past few years, start-up tech companies that offer commercial and residential real estate products and services move fast, which then pressures real estate firms to reevaluate their whole business plan. As time progresses, the real estate tech category will begin to mature, and companies will have to figure out how will they fit into the new generation of real estate, because change is coming!

As the industry continuously grows, the role will be more than just real estate products and services, companies will be able to develop relationships like no other which will create loyal customers.

Technology and innovated curators help shape the real estate world, growing real estate tech companies are taking action to force themselves into the new era of the real estate world. The real estate industry will use technology to their advantage.

Example of a rising real estate trend:

Chatbots in Real Estate

We’re all familiar with Apple’s Siri and Alexa from Amazon Echo, but chatbots are going to be everywhere in 2018. Chatbots are one of the most powerful and convenient customer service tools throughout all the industries. If might not have noticed but you’ve probably seen or talked to a chatbot over the web.

As far as the real estate world, chatbots are able to help lead consumers in the right direction or the beginning stages like finding an agent or a prospective property.




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