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What Does it Really Mean When Your Home is ‘Move-in Ready’?

Moving into a new home can be as exciting, as it can be confusing. There’s one question that bothers almost every homeowner before taking the plunge…

“Should I go about building my dream home brick by brick? Or should I opt for one of those move-in ready homes that are so vigorously advertised through glossy pamphlets and other marketing materials?”

Most people prefer ready homes, where they can move in right away, avoiding the hassles associated with respect to designing the house and looking after local authority permissions. Basically, a ‘move-in ready’ house, a place they can call home.

What’s important, though, is to factor in the definition of move-in ready homes. For some it could mean a basic structure that’s freshly painted and for some others it could mean a house with all appliances working.

To avoid any last minute mismanagement, it is crucial to ensure that you and your agent are on the same page when it comes to ‘move-in ready’ homes, as it is a highly subjective term that can differ from person to person. A home that does not meet your taste when it comes to paint colors, is not really a move-in ready home!

To help you better in the house hunting process, let’s look at some pointers that will guide you in the process of finding your ‘move-in ready’ home, without feeling lost.


Here’s What It Means To Have A Move-in Ready Home:

Take Move-in Ready For What It Is:

The technical definition of move-in ready refers to a house or property that is ready for immediate occupancy.

A property in this condition must meet all requirements by the city or governing municipality as a habitable dwelling, which usually includes plumbing, electricity, locking doors and windows and passing certain required pest instructions.

By this definition, how you see a property doesn’t really relate to whether its move-in ready. A well-painted house with basic appliances working may lure you in as a buyer, but may need repairs due to some structural damage. People have a very cosmetic image of move-in ready homes, one that will be completely according to their taste and where the only changes they’d need to make would be the carpets, or painting the walls as per their preference.

But that may not necessarily be the case. Most move-in ready homes come with pre-built structures that cannot really be remodeled, but you still have to take it with a pinch of salt, as that’s really all that’s available.

Certain renovations to meet your needs can certainly be undertaken, but steer clear from the air of a move-in ready home that exactly matches what you have in mind. Take claims of move-in ready at face value. Be prepared to spend some time readying up your home according to your exact preferences.


Finding Your Move-in Ready Home

Be very clear about what your idea for a move-in ready home is and convey the same to your agent. Since move-in ready can mean different things to different people and to avoid time wastage of both parties, provide specifics on what move-in ready means for you.

Do you want to see only fully updated homes? Are you okay doing some minor fixes or remodeling a part of the home?

Figure out what’s important for you – a thriving neighborhood of your choice which may not have a house on sale as per your preferences, or a house that meets your budget and other parameters, even if it is miles away from the kind of neighbors or lifestyle you want to lead!

The neighborhood you are eyeing, may have obviously caught another’s eyes too because of its upscale crowd or a great location. While deciding on a house for yourself, keep in mind the wealth-creation factor that you can bank upon.

The more desirable the location, the more likely you will see property values continue to climb over time and at a faster rate.

It sure makes sense to have a brand-new house built as per your preferences, but it would make more sense to bring your expectations in line with the trends in property value growth. This will ensure wealth creation in the long run, alongside having a house of your own.

If you are hell-bent on having the pristine move-in ready condition in existing homes, it could be worthwhile to look at new constructions, where there might be the option to add the features you are looking for!

If you are not hard-pressed for time, you can even consider stalling the purchase for a while. You can wait till a home that better suits your needs in your preferred neighbourhood comes on the market for sale.


Consider Living With What You’ve Got For A While

If you move into a pricey neighborhood, making immediate renovations may not always be feasible.

As long as the house meets your basic requirements and looks move-in ready, wait and save up before considering a remodel of the house.

And if the house is not really move-in ready, or in need of a new roof completely or some major kitchen issue which cannot be overlooked, focus your budget there rather than splurging it on cosmetic upgrades.

A study states that people prefer to stay at a place or a community that matches their personality. So if you are looking for a home based on the criteria of a great neighborhood, you may want to sacrifice on the home-front, finding that perfect house in the same locality. To each his/her own, it is a decision that you need to make for yourself.

Chances are, you might just learn to love what you’ve got! So, don’t shy away from walking into a home that’s advertised as move-in ready. You might just find exactly what you are looking for, or something you never know you could get used to!

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